Hotel De' Ricci

Elevate your stay in Rome to unparalleled luxury and sophistication at Hotel De' Ricci, where timeless elegance and modern comforts intertwine seamlessly.

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Located in the heart of Rome, Hotel De' Ricci is known as a hidden gem for wine connoisseurs. One of the few hotels with a wine cellar, De' Ricci redefines luxury hospitality for guests looking for something extra. This is also why the hotel staff comprises professional sommeliers who can provide you with the perfect experience or itinerary. 

With the help of the staff, the experience can include anything from an impressive aperitif to meeting with winemakers and visits to the wine cellars. Each suite has its own mini-wine cellar, curated to your requests at the moment of the booking.

The rooms also feature a Coravin, an instrument that allows you to have a glass of wine directly from the bottle, without opening it completely. This helps preserve the characteristics of the wine. 

Once you’ve chosen your wine, you can take it to the balcony and admire the sunset over Rome’s skyline. You may also take a moment to relax at the spa, allowing the professionals to give you a massage. Guests can end the evening at the restaurant or the nightclub area, where they can enjoy an exquisite meal or dance after a long day.

Why we love it

It features a private wine cellar from which you can purchase the highest-quality wine, whether you are looking for red wine or white wine.

Selected rooms have balconies with a gorgeous view, the top-floor rooms providing a stunning panorama over Rome.

The spa offers complete services for full relaxation, from body treatments, massages, and facials to makeup services and manicures.

The reception is very welcoming, with each guest receiving a complimentary drink upon arrival.

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In and around

Located in Rome’s Navona neighborhood, known for its historical constructions, Hotel De' Ricci is close to many hot spots.

Start with visiting the hotel’s wine cellar, which offers more than 1200 worldwide wine labels. Wine enthusiasts from all over Rome visit this wine cellar frequently due to its assortment of special edition wines and rare vintages. 

At the hotel, you may also visit the spa center to get a relaxing body treatment. Treat your stiff muscles with a neck and back massage so that you are ready for a full round of visiting. You may also get a full beauty treatment at the spa center, packed with a makeup session, manicure, and numerous facials. 

Once you are done lounging at the hotel, you may proceed to visit the numerous attractions nearby. This hidden gem is a 6-minute walk away from Piazza Navona. Campo de’ Fiori is also only several minutes away. 

If you are in the mood for a walk, several attractions are within walking distance. You may reach Castel Sant’Angelo in less than 10 minutes, and the Trevi Fountain is only a 15-minute walk away. If you are in the mood for a longer stroll, you can go as far as the Colosseum, which is about 2 km away.

During your strolls, make a stop at Don’s, which is popular and provides numerous meats and spirits to keep you satiated. Osteria da Fortunata is 3 minutes away from the hotel and is very popular for its wide variety of pasta. If you are walking through Rome on a hot summer day, make sure to stop at the Sweet Life Gelateria Pasticceria Artigianale for a delicious gelato.

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