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Nestled in the Rigola District, behind an old yet beautiful door on a narrow side street, Chapter Roma is seen as the bedrock of Rome. The hotel is located on a street of blacksmiths, which brings a certain artsy character and aesthetic to the place. And while the streets are quaint and relaxing, the hotel itself is the perfect mix between classic aesthetic and contemporary design. 

The original building dates from 1880 and follows a neoclassical design penciled by Tristan Diu Plessis. The designer made use of a lot of brass, raw steel, bronze, and copper so that he could give his creation an industrial touch.

That being said, he also added quite a few contrasting elements that included herringbone oak floors, exposed brick, soft velvet, and Italian furniture to add an extra dose of warmth to the space. 

There are 42 minimalist rooms in the hotel, each designed with bright-colored yet inviting furniture, side tables, benches, lighting from British designers, and metal closets. Each room has been carefully decorated with items such as vintage telephones that add an extra dose of character. 

Chapter Roma offers anything that you may need, not requiring you to leave the premises (unless you want to). You can do your shopping at the all-in-one on-site grocery store, have breakfast or lunch at 'Hey Baby,' or enjoy some classic Italian food at the lavish 'Campocori.'

Why we love it

You can enjoy the central location that brings you close to every tourist attraction in Rome, many of them within walking distance.

You can eat gourmet cuisine at various on-site restaurants, including a relaxing one on the rooftop.

It allows you to rest in the luxurious rooms that are very spacious, modern, and stocked with in-room bars.

You can relish in the classic yet refreshing vibe, which efficiently balances history with modern and eye-catching pieces of art.

Room service
In and around

Situated right in the heart of Rome, Chapter Roma is all about the location. In terms of restaurants, you don’t have to leave the premises of the hotel for a meal. On the main floor, you have 'Hey Baby,' where you can enjoy a nice breakfast to start your day. 

If you are in the mood for seafood, you can try 'Lucky Fish,' an informal sushi bar where you can enjoy a relaxing day. Stroll through the premises, and you’ll also come across 'Campocori,' which is referred to as the 'crown jewel of Chapter Roma.' There, you may enjoy some fine dining in an intimate yet regal vibe.

However, if you want to step out and do some sightseeing, there are several spots worth your interest. You are only about 5 minutes away from Campo de Fiori and 7 minutes away from the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. If you are up for a stroll, you may walk up to the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Di Spagna.

The Trastevere is also a very cozy neighborhood to hang out in, and it’s within walking distance. There are numerous hip little pubs there where you can enjoy a local meal, a burger, or a cold drink on a hot day. Near the Trevi Fountain, you may also stumble across Deroma, which is said to have some of the best pizzas in Rome.


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