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Paros Comfy Suites offer a lavish stay with unlimited sea view & direct access to a sandy beach, ensuring an unforgettable and superb experience.

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Paros Comfy Suites is a luxurious boutique hotel situated in Xifara, on a private 6-acre peninsula by the sea, on the road that connects the central region of Naoussa and the striking beach of Laggeri. Specifically, Paros Comfy Suites lies 2km away from the town of Naoussa and the popular, organized beach of Santa Maria.

In all of its 14 renovated suites, you’ll come across a beautiful view out to the striking Aegean sea and you will have access to the sandy, private beach of Siparos. Most of the suites also feature a private pool or a jacuzzi that will add to your stay’s relaxing and ultra-romantic vibe.

This boutique hotel is will amaze you not only with its high aesthetic but also its helpful personnel that will cater to you in a professional yet warm manner. Its facilities include an outdoor gym and a parking area for your convenience. Furthermore, its long list of services, including but not limited to private en-suite dining and free use of bicycles for exploring the island, will make your stay in Paros an experience of a lifetime!

Why we love it

Hotel is furnished with COCO-MAT® beds, mattresses & linen, made with 100% organic natural materials. Talk about high-quality, comfortable, and eco-friendly!

The private pool or jacuzzi offered in most suites will speak to every hopelessly romantic soul out there.

All suites offer unimpeded sea views and direct access to a private, sandy beach.

This is a brand new hotel, which translates to contemporary facilities and a freshness in the atmosphere you cannot miss.

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In and around

Paros Comfy Suites’ location in Xifara, within a 5-minute drive from the popular & cosmopolitan Naoussa, make this boutique hotel the perfect base for your island exploration. Stroll the fascinating streets of Naoussa full of little boutique shops selling everything from local products to high-end fashion and mingle with the locals in order to get insight into the everyday life and culture of the Cycladic island.

Enjoy a full Greek meal a local chef has put together for your pleasure in ‘Statheros Restaurant’. Head to ‘Eutòpia Fish Tavern’ for fresh seafood and fish. If you crave grilled meat, ‘Meat bar’ is exactly what you’re looking for. For a drink accompanied by excellent music in a friendly atmosphere, ‘Sative Music Bar’ is one of the cutest spots on the island. Last but definitely not least, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can join our Paros and Small Cyclades full-day sailing adventure. Nothing can boost your holidays like a luxurious exploit across Paros’ beautiful coastline!

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