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Marvel at the harmonious Aegean architecture that fuses the past with the present of Paros in this premium, adults-only hotel.

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Lilly Residence Boutique Suites Hotel will make your stay in Paros a memorable one. It offers luxury, comfort, and a flawless Cycladic aesthetic that brings the past and present of the island together. Its adult-only policy also adds to the relaxation and serenity this hotel aims to provide its guests with and makes Lilly Residence the ultimate couple’s destination on the island.

Enjoy the romantic ambiance of your surroundings and let the polite staff help you with everything you need. All Suites offer striking views out to the Aegean sea, as well as verandas that follow the trademark Cycladic architectural style and aesthetic with their whitewashed walls and blue windows. Lilly Residence’s facilities have been carefully designed by experts to exude elegance and class. The private swimming pools and jacuzzis all suites are equipped with, along with the spa treatments offered, are the cherry on top of this deliciously accomodating cake.

Why we love it

With its adults-only policy, Lilly Residence promises a relaxing, intimate & utterly romantic experience.

All suites have either a private pool or a jacuzzi to indulge in quality me-time.

The sea views all suites have are breathtaking.

The minimalist approach in design and open-space layout.

room service
In and around

Lilly's location at the outskirts of Naoussa is ideal as it combines the quietness of an off-centered spot while being within a five-minute walk from the beating heart of the island, where all the entertainment opportunities lie. It is situated only a 2-minute walk from a beautiful beach, while a number of other gorgeous beaches can be easily accessed from the hotel either by car or by boat.  

Try a breakfast pastry or a luscious dessert from ‘Chamilothoris’ and savor the best gelato on the island in ‘Nonna Crema’. For a relaxed drink head to ‘Kosmos Cocktail Bar’ and mingle with the locals in a joyous setting. For traditional Greek meze accompanied by live Greek music, pay a visit to ‘Takimi’ that will mesmerize with its old-time charm. By joining our Small-Group Sunset Cruise in Paros you can also explore the island’s coastline, sunbathe and swim in its deep-blue waters, before catching a magnificent sunset that will make even the most cynical of you melt.

Our selection

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