18 Grapes Hotel

Treasure precious moments of tranquility, warmth and grandeur, surrounded by the stunning landscape of Naxos, in 18 Grapes Boutique Hotel.

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18 Grapes Boutique Hotel is a new addition to Naxos’ upscale accommodation scene, that aims to envelop you in warmth and comfort while offering luxurious facilities and experiences. This  5-star hotel consists of 18 rooms and suites, that have been designed to welcome people into a world of unassuming luxury, minimalism and sophistication.

By choosing 18 Grapes, you’ll treat yourself to striking sea views that will offer magical sunsets and a private Jacuzzi or pool for the ultimate relaxation & pampering. The hotel also has impressive two-level swimming pools and outdoor lounge decks where you can lie carelessly under the Greek sun. Additionally, 18 Grapes offers a high-end fitness center, an impressive wellness spa, a roof terrace and the Grape Sunset bar-restaurant, where you can taste delectable creations of Greek cuisine. All of this in combination with the courteous staff that is eager to help you make the best out of your time on the island, come together to make your Naxos vacations heaven on earth. 

Why we love it

18 Grapes belongs to a well-known Naxian family of fine winemakers that have hospitality as their leading force.

You can unwind in one of the two pools of the hotel and enjoy either a healthy juice, freshly made by the poolside bar’s barista.

Take advantage of the detoxifying sauna of the hotel’s spa and your body will thank you for it.

Families will enjoy the family connecting room with a private pool; your little one will go crazy!

common pool
private pool
free parking
In and around

18 Grapes can be found in the idyllic location near the coast of Agios Prokopios, 8 km from the airpor and 10 km from Naxos Town -or Chora. Within 5 minutes you will be in Agios Prokopios beach sinking your toes in its smooth golden sand. Make the 10-minute car ride to Naxos Town and explore its narrows streets that display the trademark Cycladic architecture & style all of the islands in this complex are best known for. 

Choose ‘Barozzi Naxos Restaurant’ for a luscious Greek meal, or ‘Trata’ for fresh fish and seafood. Have a fun Karaoke night in ‘Naxos On The Rocks Bar’ after consuming some liquid courage from the bar’s drink offerings. If you’re up for a cultural and gastronomic adventure, embark on our Naxos Highlights with Olive Oil Tasting: 5-Hour Private Tour that will give you the opportunity to get to know Naxos’ culture and its breathtaking beauty with the help of local experts.

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