Naxos Hotels

Known for its local cuisine, lush vegetation, and long beaches, Naxos island is the perfect place to get insight into the authentic everyday life of Greek islanders, as the island has managed to maintain its traditional character despite gaining a loyal following over the years.

Naxos is perfect for those who want to experience the excellence of the Cyclades but want to steer clear of the boisterous crowds that flock to the famous islands. In fact, the island’s laid-back character has ranked it at the top of the list for Greek family destinations!

Adding to the allure of Naxos are, of course, its numerous hotels that serve all tastes and budgets. From luxury villas to 5-star suites, and traditional houses of Cycladic architecture, your stay in Naxos is bound to become one of the highlights of your Greek vacation.

Here, you can find a list of our favorite hotels in Naxos that will make your stay on the island a wish granted.

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