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Experience unparalleled luxury and indulgence at Amadomus Luxury Suites, where every moment is a celebration of opulence and comfort.

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Located right in the middle of Naples, the Amadomus Luxury Suites have a lot to offer. You get all the benefits of a luxury and prestigious stay while maintaining the privacy and sentiment of being home. It is the perfect spot if you like to spend your time away in luxury and comfort. 

The rooms are all soundproofed, allowing no unwanted sound to escape through the walls and windows. This means that even if the location is right in the city center, you should not be bothered by the street noise and tourist buzz. Each room has prestigious and refined furnishings, allowing you to stay in comfort while pleasing your aesthetic needs.

The hotel offers a free continental breakfast every morning, ensuring that you start your day with the right dose of energy. Once you finish with your breakfast, you may lounge in the common areas, enjoying a nice cocktail with your friends or watching TV while sipping your coffee. If you get hungry before lunch, there is a snack bar where you can have a quick bite. 

The suites have balconies where you can lounge and grab some sunshine during your downtime. You can choose the sun orientation based on your preferences. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise or a relaxing sunset with a beverage of your choice, adding a little bit of magic to your day. 

Why we love it

It has a convenient location, which is right in the center of Naples and close to all of the main attractions.

The breakfast is excellent, with numerous options that allow you to start your day properly.

The rooms are soundproofed, which will ensure you have a good night’s sleep even while you are in the city center.

The entire property is covered by Wi-Fi, which allows you to stay connected no matter where you are planning to sit.

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In and around

Thanks to the convenient location of the Amadomus Luxury Suites, you are close to many interesting points in Naples. The Naples Port is only a 12-minute walk away, whereas the Molo Beverello Port will require a 2-minute drive. If you are in for a longer walk, then Via Toledo is is 18 minutes away. 

There are several attractions that you can enjoy there as well. The National Archaeological Museum is a little over 15 minutes away, whereas the Royal Palace of Naples is about 20 minutes away on foot. There are several restaurants, bars, and shops around the way to keep you entertained, but the hotel can also connect you to rentals and driver-assisted transportation.

Stop by L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which is a 4-minute walk away from the hotel. There, you can grab some delicious authentic Italian pizza in a variety of flavors. Al Mio Bar is only 3 minutes away on foot if you are in for a cocktail night or drinks with your friends.

Our selection

Our collection includes 4 and 5-star hotels, boutique accommodations, and villas & suites that provide guests with comfort and indulgence. Every accommodation has been carefully selected by our team in order to meet the highest standards and guarantee a memorable and relaxing stay. 

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