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Make your stay in Nafplio memorable by choosing to stay in Ippoliti Hotel; a 19th-century mansion that promises comfort, luxury & warm hospitality.

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Found nestled between the scenic streets of Nafplio that carry a signature old-time charm that cannot be duplicated, Ippoliti Hotel is a boutique hotel that promises your stay n Nafplio is enveloped in comfort & opulence. Housed in a neo-classical mansion that dates back to the 19th century, Ippoliti hotel fuses tradition with contemporary aesthetics in its impressive interior. The hotel is elegantly decorated and heavily features the presence of leather, wool and earthy tones. 

Each room of the Ippoliti Hotel is capacious, fitted with Tuscan furniture and boasts a flat-screen cable TV, CD/DVD player + free Wi-Fi. Some of the rooms have balconies, while others feature a beautiful fireplace. The lounge of the hotel also has a fireplace and is perfect for all times of the day, from morning till night, being the optimum spot to savor the hotel’s delectable buffet breakfast.

By choosing Ippoliti, you can taste local flavors and traditional dishes every morning, served to you at the fashionable lounge, your own room, or -if the weather allows it- by the common pool. To complete the luxurious experience, the hotel also offers a fully-equipped fitness room that will host your daily workouts in a perfect setting. Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or with your family, Ippoliti is a solid choice you’ll never look back from! 

Why we love it

Ippoliti’s ‘Family Suite’ is the perfect room for your fun family vacation!

Make friends with the courteous & hospitable personnel and get the inside scoop on the best things to do during your stay.

No need to feel insecure about anything; the hotel’s 24-hour front desk service ensures.

The breakfast buffet is sensational; don’t hesitate to try all of its offerings and start your day fueled and in high spirits.

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In and around

Ippoliti Hotel is situated in the middle of the romantic town of Nafplio, a seaside town in the Peloponnese, which served as the first capital city of the modern Greek state following the Greek Revolution of 1821. Wander around the scenic stone-paved streets of the region and marvel at the beauty, history and culture of the town that can be found around each of its corners. Walks the famous Arvanitias Promenade that comes to an end at the homonymous beach; swim in the striking beach of Karathonas and go the nearby town of Tolo for a swim and a bit of fresh seafood in one of its many seaside traditional taverns.

Have your morning coffee alongside a delicious breakfast or a light snack in ‘Kalimera’, ‘To Kentrikon’, or ‘Fougaro Cafe-bistrot’. For lunch or dinner, explore the incredible offerings of Greek cuisine in an idyllic atmosphere in ‘Pidalio Mezedopoleio’, ‘Psalidas’ tavern, or ‘T’alonia’. To discover the vibrant nightlife of Nafplio, mingle with the locals and enjoy delicious drinks and cocktails, along with fun music, in ‘Cozy Cocktail Bar’, ‘Rosso Cafe Bar’ and ‘Alkioni Wine Bar’. To upgrade your stay in Nafplio, you can also join our Semi-private Nafplio Sailing Adventure where you can marvel at the raw beauty of Nafplio’s coastline, swim in crystal-clear waters, sunbathe to your heart’s content, and savor Greek cuisine through local snacks, traditional dishes, and fresh, seasonal fruit on board.

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Our favorite things to do in Nafplio

Below you can find some of the most fun and fascinating things you can do during your stay in Nafplio!
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