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Delmar Apartments & Suites promises warm hospitality combined with top-rated services and flawless, ultra-modern facilities for the perfect stay in Milos. 

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Located in the center of the seaside village of Pollonia on the north-eastern part of Milos, Delmar apartments & suites welcomes the island’s visitors in style, elegance, and splendor. This fully-renovated luxury complex is situated in the utmost advantageous spot on the island, being only 9 km away from the port and features the emblematic Cycladic architecture that makes the landscape a picture-worthy paradise.

The traditional construction of Delmar has been infused with modern contemporary decoration and furnishing & high-tech comforts that promise to make your stay on the island an indulgent and rewarding experience. While each of Delmar’s units has a distinctly different layout, they all boast style, comfort and functionality. Although Delmar doesn’t include a pool in its premises, you can swim in the magnificent beach of Pollonia, which lies a mere 50 meters away from the hotel, which is better and more authentic to the Greek island lifestyle.

In addition to the beach, the luxury hotel allows for a number of engrossing experiences for its guests, along with pampering services and luxurious conveniences. Start every day by ordering a delicious breakfast in your room, workout with the guidance of a personal trainer, or exercise mindfulness and center yourself with a yoga class. Delmar Apartments and Suites will make sure that your needs are met and your trip to Milos becomes one of the sweetest and most treasured experiences of your life!

Why we love it

If you value privacy above everything, Villa del Mar is an upscale seaside suite that is located 400 meters away from the main hotel; a true haven of peace & quiet.

You’ll become friends with the excellent staff before you know it! They’re all friendly and eager to lend a helping hand.

Brand new and sparkling clean is a combination you cannot beat!

You have every right to be lazy during your holidays. That’s why you deserve the in-room massage services; relaxation served at your door.

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Delmar Apartments & Suites is located on the northeast tip of the island, right in the center of the village Pollonia. Due to its central position, it is surrounded by shops and eateries and therefore, extremely convenient & a great base from where you can explore the whole of the island. You can find the gorgeous Pollonia beach at a mere 40 meters away from your hotel. The port of Adamas is 10 km away from the hotel, while Plaka, the picturesque old town and capital of the island, is at a distance of 12 km.

Walk the cobbled alleys of picture-perfect Plaka, Milos’ old town, and gaze at the sunset from the marble courtyard of Panagia Korfiatissa or, for anyone who can stand a 10-minute climb, from the 13th-century Venetian castle. While you’re there, pay a visit to the famous Catacombs of Milos for a peek into the island’s history. 

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