Milos Hotels

The island of love, Milos, is what true Greek romance is made of. Serene landscapes, lunar beaches, and magical sunsets that explode in colors have made this island one of the top destinations for couples in love.

The island is heaven on earth for those who want to experience an authentic side of Greece through rose-colored glasses. It has a natural heritage of spectacular beauty along with a vast history stretching back thousands of years.

In fact, Milos is a volcanic island of more than 80 diverse beaches, with each and every one of them being a gem that can be found nowhere else in the world. Adding to the island’s luxurious vibe are its amazing hotels that range from adult-only seaside resorts to high-end suites that will make you feel like a movie star.

Here is a list of our favorite hotels in Milos that will offer you a magical Greek island vacation sprinkled with romance, comfort, and splendor.

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