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Petra and Fos Boutique hotel promises a luxurious accommodation experience, where genuine Greek hospitality gets enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities & first-class services.

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If comfort, sophistication, and upscale experiences are what you’re after, then Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel is the perfect choice for your stay in picturesque Mani. This boutique, 4-star retreat in East Mani offers luxurious, high-quality accommodation in all of its 23 well-appointed rooms & suites. The architecture of the hotel follows the Cycladic style we all know and love, while the interior design has a much more minimalist and contemporary approach that is easy on the eyes and creates a calming atmosphere perfect for your Greek getaway.

Apart from the immaculate aesthetics, Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel offers breathtaking views of the rest of the volcanic landscape and the Aegean Sea that fashion an idyllic, romantic setting perfect for cozy nights in, sunset-gazing, and picture-taking. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the hotel’s pool, and taste creative dishes that combine Greek tradition, Mani’s fresh produce, and contemporary techniques in an explosion of flavor. For your daily workouts, a high-tech, fully-equipped gym will be at your service, while for an ultra pampering and relaxing experience, Ioni Spa’s treatments that use completely natural products are a godsend. 

Why we love it

You can arrange early check-in or late checkout and rid yourself of unnecessary travel stress.

Book the ‘Loft Suite’ for a romantic getaway housed in a luxurious two-level room featuring a fireplace and a balcony offering striking views of the region.

Savor a millennial’s dream brunch in Petra & Fos restaurant for the ultimate culinary experience.

Luxuriate in a full-body lymph massage that will melt away the stress and rejuvenate you.

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In and around

Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel is located very near to the gorgeous village of Itilo in Mani. In the region, you can admire well-preserved stone-houses, picturesque cobbled alleys and old Byzantine churches, with the temple of Virgin Mary’s Dormition & the church of Saint George being the most popular ones. At the south-west end of the village, you will come upon the region of ‘Frigano’, where you can find the beginning of the path that connects Ιtilo with the lower part of the gulf. Follow the trail and enjoy a striking view that spreads across the olive trees and reaches the shimmering sea. At around the middle mark of the path, you will encounter the Byzantine church. At the end of the path, you’ll reach the bay, the place that used to serve as the base for pirates in the past. There, you can enjoy a dive into the beautiful beach or delve into a unique culinary experience in one of the tavernas on the coast. Walk across the Mylolagado Canyon, separating Itilo from the castle of Kelefa and marvel at the unique view of the sea from the historic castle. 

‘ManiBella’ and ‘Karabópetra’ are both excellent choices when it comes to traditional Greek and Maniot cuisine. For fresh fish and seafood, try the tavern of ‘Mavros Peiratis’, which translates to ‘Black Pirate’. For your night drinks, try ‘Aperanto Galazio’ and enjoy a refreshing drink while admiring the idyllic setting of your vacations.

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