Mani Hotels

If you’re a lover of nature and Greek history, Mani is an ideal -although not obvious- destination for you. Mani is the center of the three peninsulas that stretch southward from the Peloponnesian in south Greece. 

Its many stunning villages offer visitors the opportunity to explore this enchanting region of Greece that often goes unnoticed. From deep gorges to forgotten castle cities, Mani can surely satisfy the taste of the most demanding traveler.

The vastness of Mani allows for stunning hotels to lie in all of its regions, making your stay there a delight. From traditional stone houses to luxury suites with jacuzzis and 5-star offerings that look too good to be true, Mani’s hotels are a unique experience worthy of your time.

Below, you will find a list of our top picks for Mani hotels to give your Greek vacation the luxury boost it deserves!

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