Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Experience the epitome of luxury and elegance at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, where opulent accommodations, world-class dining, and stunning views promise an unforgettable stay.

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Stylish, elegant, and fashionable, Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a luxurious stay. Combining classical details and strong colors, the place is like an explosion for your senses, but one that will make you feel like you are in the tropics. The hotel overlooks the gorgeous Bellagio while offering you a beautiful panorama of Lake Como.

The hotel itself is housed by a grand Art Nouveau palazzo, featuring bold color schemes and a fashionable, youthful vibe. The first-floor foyer has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer a gorgeous view of the lake.

On the other side of the hotel, guests can walk peacefully through the five-acre gardens. It is a quiet retreat for those who want to avoid the tourist bustle while enjoying the sounds of birds. 

Stop by the floating pool, which will offer you a gorgeous view of Lake Como. The spa area is well-equipped with all the services that you need for a relaxing stay. Whether you want a body wrap, a facial treatment, or a massage, the helpful staff can arrange for your preferred service.

At the end of the day, you can retreat in your stylish room, individually decorated with period furniture and pastel hues. 

Why we love it

It is close to various attractions, whether you are planning to drive or take a boat.

The spa center offers all of the treatments and relaxation methods that you may need, from massages to steam rooms.

There are plenty of activities that can keep you busy during your stay, such as a game room, pool table, tennis court, or live music performances.

There are plenty of outdoor activities, from the beachfront to gardens and terraces.

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spa and wellness area
private beach
two swimming pools
In and around

Within two miles of Grand Hotel Tremezzo, golf enthusiasts can practice their skills at the beautiful and large golf course.

The friendly staff may also book various other activities for you, depending on your preferences. The area is popular for its windsurfing, diving, canoeing, and hiking opportunities

There are plenty of attractions nearby that you can reach by foot, by boat, or by car. Villa Carlotta is within walking distance, taking you about 3-4 minutes to get there if you are in for a longer walk.

Parco di Villa la Quiete is about 15 minutes away, and a 20-minute walk should take you to Parco di San Giovanni. If you want to see some lush greenery, Villa Melzi Gardens are about 30 minutes away.

There are three restaurants on site where you can enjoy some delicious meals and cocktails. However, if you want a change, there are plenty of restaurants nearby as well. Cantina Follie is about 3 minutes away and is the perfect choice if you are looking for a quick meal.

You can also stop by Al Veluu or Ristorante La Fagurida, which are about 5 minutes away.

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