Hotel Calimala

Indulge in the essence of timeless elegance and exceptional hospitality at Hotel Calimala, where every moment is a refined blend of luxury and comfort, creating an enchanting stay in the heart of Florence.

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When in Florence, you want to benefit from modern amenities while you’re enjoying the classic design elements. For those who want a tasteful combination of the old and the new, Hotel Calimala is the place to go. With the interior designed by Alex Meitlis, this hotel features many gorgeous elements, such as stone walls, intimate lighting, and modern furniture

When putting together this hotel, the aim was to create something that was Florentine, without a doubt, without all the Renaissance elements. The result was a great success, with contemporary artwork and all the amenities that you may need in a Florentine building.

Guests may spend their leisure time on the rooftop bar and restaurant, where they can enjoy a great breakfast, a delicious dinner, and anything in-between. The rooftop is also a great spot for you to admire amazing sunrises and sunsets. The hotel has a small plunge pool where you can cool off during summer, which is something that not every central hotel offers.

The rooms were made to provide ultimate comfort. You can enjoy air conditioning on warm summer days, you can brew coffee with your coffee machine, or you can turn on the TV and watch your favorite runs. Each room was designed with a minimalist setting, allowing full comfort and relaxation. 

Why we love it

It’s in a gorgeous location close to most of the main tourist attractions in Florence.

The plunge pool is a great addition to the hotel, allowing you to relax and cool off during a warm summer day.

All of the artwork in the hotel is for sale, should you want to get a souvenir.

The rooftop terrace offers you a beautiful view of Florence.

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In and around

The advantage of staying at Hotel Calimala is that you are set straight in the heart of Florence, making everything accessible. When you are at the hotel, you can spend quality time in the lobby or the rooftop terrace to enjoy some delicious cocktails. You can also spend time relaxing at the plunge pool, especially during the summer months. 

Stepping out, you can visit a lot of touristy spots. Piazza della Signoria is just a stone’s throw away, the same as Palazzo Vecchio. Moreover, by walking for only a couple of minutes, you may reach Dante’s House or the Strozzi Palace, where you can catch a glimpse of the rich Florentine history.

The Pitti Palace is less than 10 minutes away, and Piazza del Duomo is even closer. And if you are in for a 15-minute stroll, you may go to the magnificent Boboli Gardens, which are especially charming during summertime. 

Walk to the Antica Porchetteria Granieri to enjoy some delicious Italian cuisine. You can also go to Hot Spot for quick snacks or a nice cold brew and refreshing cocktails. There are also plenty of shops or restaurants along the way where you can stop.

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