Corfu Hotels

Corfu, or ‘the island of the Phaesicians’ as it was called in antiquity, has an aristocratic aura that attracts visitors from all over the world who want to see for themselves the rich history and heritage one can witness on the island.

Located at the northwesternmost point of Greece, the island of Corfu -'Kerkyra' in Greek- is the second-largest island of the Heptanese islands. Wherever you decide to stay in Corfu, even if it's not in the middle of Corfu Town, the island’s vibe will be hard to miss. 

The island’s accommodation offerings are true to the island’s upscale aesthetic. In Corfu, you can find hotel rooms, suites, and villas that will make you want to extend your stay indefinitely. The services and facilities offered are a treat for the island’s visitors and showcase Greek hospitality at its best.

Below you will find our favorite Corfu hotels we highly suggest you opt for if you want to experience the island to the fullest!

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