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New Hotel is a 5-star accommodation choice in Athens that provides its guest with the most opulent stay and a central location that is both convenient and beautiful. 

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New Hotel, situated in the center of downtown Athens, offers a fresh take on hospitality and a designers-take on accommodation with its interior design resembling an art gallery. Being situated in the heart of Athens, it offers you the possibility to access the key points of the city and fully absorb the upbeat spirit of the town.

This 5-star hotel has 79 rooms & common areas across seven floors decorated with tailor-made furniture and interactive works of art. Choosing New Hotel for your stay in Athens will also give you the opportunity to try the stunning creations of the New Taste restaurant that celebrates Greek cuisine. You will also get to sip on a delicious cocktail while admiring a panoramic view of Athens and the Acropolis at the rooftop Art Lounge. If ultimate relaxation is what you’re after, don’t miss the opportunity to try the New Sense Treatments at the hotel’s spa. No matter what you’re looking for, New Hotel will deliver!

Why we love it

Let your eyes feast upon the original works of contemporary art that give the hotel the feel of a massive art installation.

With lots of styles and exemplary gastronomic excellence, the Art Lounge on the 7th floor of the hotel offers unique dishes and imaginative cocktails against the backdrop of panoramic views of Athens.

The extensive lending library in the Art lounge has over 2,000 titles on art. Choose a book and relax on the terrace.

Try the ‘Ultimate Cleansing and Hydrating Treatment’ at the hotel’s spa and relax in the hands of experts that will make you feel like a new person!

rooftop bar
24-hour front desk & room service
In and around

At 200 meters from Syntagma Square, New Hotel couldn’t have a better location even if it tried to. You’ll be within walking distance to all of Athens’ main attractions, including the Acropolis and the picturesque neighborhood of Plaka, while you’ll be close to the metro station from where you can explore the rest of the city. Go shopping on Ermou Street, the most commercial and popular street of Athens. Stroll the picturesque district of Plaka and Anafiotika with the impressive neoclassical mansions and cozy tavern and bars. Look for souvenirs in Athens Flea Market, located in the colorful Monastiraki Area. Walk the pedestrian Dionysiou Areopagitou Street to the neighborhood of Thisseio and take in the thousands of tree species in the National Garden. 

Grab a traditional breakfast pastry from ‘Ariston’, a bakery that has been favored by the locals since its opening in 1910. Have a glass of wine in ‘Oinoscent’, the sophisticated wine bar that specializes in the different varieties of local and international wine production. Savor delicious traditional dishes in ‘Diporto’ and get a taste of authentic Greek cuisine. The central spot of New Hotel will also allow you to make it the starting point of an Athens Highlights Evening Tour with Meze Dinner with us that will introduce you to the best sights and spots of Athens and will treat you to a mouthwatering Greek feast for a night to remember!

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