3-day Mythology trip to Greece inspired by Percy Jackson

Enter the world of Percy Jackson on our 3-day Greek adventure, where you will seek out the legendary gods and mythical beasts you have read all about!

3 days
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From €1900 / person

Follow Percy Jackson’s footsteps and live your own family myth in Greece. Experience 3 whole days of fun exploration and get to know the most impressive Greek archaeological sites. Discover the rich history and the fascinating myths of the most wow places mentioned in Greek mythology, such as the mighty Acropolis, the inspiring Temple of Poseidon in Sounion and the spiritual site of Delphi. Check out the list of Percy Jackson Trips Dates for 2021, and pick the date that suits you best to step on the trail of Percy Jackson in a family-friendly exploration and experience a mythological adventure in Greece!

Disclaimer: The Percy Jackson tour to Greece and its promotion are not sponsored by Rick Riordan or Disney*Hyperion and they specifically disclaim any legal obligations or responsibilities for the tour.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 1


Welcome to Athens and let the fun begin! Depending on the time of your arrival you can either rest at your hotel or explore Athens' city center

There is an unlimited number of choices when it comes to Athens. If you are a first-timer, you can stroll around the city center and discover Athens beautiful neighborhoods, its colorful market, and one-of-a-kind street artists in Monastiraki. You can also enjoy the sun in one of Athens' luscious-green parks, such as the National Gardens, or feed the pigeons in Syntagma Square nearby.

Opt for one of our Athens-exploration tours with expert family-friendly guides; see the best of Athens in a few hours or discover the famous hills of the city and relish magnificent views.

You can also combine your city stroll with delicious Greek bites in a fun Athens Family food tour. Walk around the historical center of Athens and discover all the hidden culinary gems of the city. Let your expert foodie guide unravel the secrets of Greek gastronomy to you; taste traditional Greek dishes and mouthwatering desserts; get into the vivid rhythm of the city and discover local food shops with herbs and spices! Needless to say that you won’t need lunch after that.

However, if you are more of an adventurous family, then we have something more interactive in store for you! “Play-and-learn in Ancient Agora” is a fun series of interactive and fun games in Ancient Agora of Athens; kids will learn everything about giants and other fascinating creatures of Greek Mythology while having fun! Alternatively, be a spy in our “Treasure Hunt in Athens” and get all the family moving around the city, hunting for clues and solving riddles towards the ultimate “treasure chest”. Do you think you'll be up for it?

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Day 2

Athens & Sounio

Your mythical journey to Greece is about to begin! Our family-friendly guide will pick you up from your hotel, if centrally located, otherwise alternative transportation will be arranged.

First Percy-Jackson hotspotAcropolis Hill!

The most ancient temples to the gods, in the middle of Athens…” as Percy Jackson said about the Acropolis. Walk up the sacred hill to be astonished by the magnificent views of the Acropolis buildings and the incomparable Parthenon - a temple dedicated to goddess Athena, the patron of the city in the antiquity. Listen to our expert guide unraveling all the myths and stories related to the Acropolis and watch your kids be amazed by the mythical tales. You can even get the chance to see the place where Athena (Annabeth’s mother) and Poseidon (Percy’s father) fought over in the Percy Jackson story!

Do you want to time-travel and see the Acropolis exactly as it was during the glorious Golden Age? Opt for the Acropolis 3D tour! Visit the site and use mini i-Pads with the amazing Acropolis 3D app for families to watch the Acropolis with all the colors, as it used to be in ancient times!

Acropolis Museum comes next in your Percy-Jackson experience!

Kids usually are not great museum fans, but in this case, the new Acropolis Museum will change their minds. Our licensed family guide will intrigue the kids with engaging storytelling about the artifacts of the museum and will make the visit more fun for all with interactive games.

The total duration of the Acropolis Hill and Acropolis Museum tour is about three hours with approximately forty minutes of walking-time. The children will be constantly engaged by our family-guide and, since this is a private experience, appropriate time will be provided for resting and snacking.
After the tour, choose lunch between a cozy restaurant nearby and a beautiful seaside fish-tavern in Sounio.

Next Percy-Jackson hotspot: the Temple of Poseidon (sunset trip to Cape Sounion)

Visit the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula and get ready to feel like you are on an island! The afternoon trip to Sounio is an excellent way to finish your day by relaxing, enjoying a swim and watching the sunset! Watch the majestic sunset from the temple and feel the strong energy of the place. After nightfall, you will make our way back to base along with your private driver!

First, we take you to a scenic family beach with a direct view of the temple of Percy’s father, the Temple of Poseidon, the Greek God of the seas. Following your dive at the crystal waters, hop in and go to the Temple of Poseidon so you can watch the majestic sunset and feel the strong energy of the place. Please note that your visit to the Temple of Poseidon is an unguided one, however, your private driver will be waiting for you to take you back home in comfort and luxury!

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Day 3


Get ready to continue your big Percy-Jackson adventure and start your day with a multi-scenery 2.5 – hour drive to Delphi!

Next Percy-Jackson hotspot: Delphi! 

Immerse yourself in the history of this unique place! Enjoy beautiful mountain views from the Temple of Apollo and find out everything about the famous oracle of Delphi. Mysterious stories and hidden tales await for you to be revealed in this mystical mountaintop!

Greek mythology indicates that people would come to Delphi from all over the country to consult Pythia, the famous Oracle speaker of the prophecies of god Apollo, about important matters of public policy and personal affairs. The Oracle would also be consulted before any kind of important decision, including war or the founding of colonies

You will also get the chance to visit the ancient theater and the stadium of Delphi archaeological site; travel back in time and picture athletic contests that took place back then.

After this magnificent trip, filled with mythical family adventures, it’s time to make our way back to Athens, where you will be dropped off either at the hotel or at the airport.

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Day 4

Ancient Corinth, Epidaurus, Nafplion

Ancient Corinth comes next in your itinerary with a lot of mythological tales to reveal. What did Poseidon – Percy’s father – and the titan ruler of the sun quarrel about? What is the story of Jason, the famous hero that led an expedition to find the Golden Fleece? Find out about his turbulent life and his topsy-turvy relationship with the powerful sorceress, Medea! Wander through the archaeological site unmasking the secrets behind the Temple of God Apollo and the place where St Paul preached when in Corinth. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Corinth and watch your kids get excited with the numerous statues of their favorite Greek gods. 

Next Percy-Jackson hotspot: Epidaurus

Your mythological journey continues with Epidaurus, the birthplace of medicine and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. You are about to experience the most popular healing center of antiquity. Visit the archaeological site of Epidaurus and stroll around the most-well-preserved ancient theater in Greece, world-famous for its acoustics; you can also play a little game with your kids there so they can discover the perfect acoustics of the theater by themselves. 

Asclepieon comes next in your Epidaurus mythological tour; this is the sacred healing place dedicated to God Asclepius, son of Apollo.

Percy-Jackson fun-fact: Asclepius was one of Athena’s favorites! The Goddess gave him a vial of Gorgon Blood which allowed him to cure any illness, heal any injury, and even bring back the dead. Jason and his friends used the Physician’s Cure, a magic potion given to them by Asclepius, to bring Leo Valdez back to life after a fierce battle with Gaea, the Greek primordial goddess of the Earth.

You will also come to see the Temple of Artemis – the Goddess of Hunt – the baths and all sorts of sport and hospital facilities of a proper healing center. 
As soon as you finish your mythological journey to Epidaurus, you’ll hop on the mini-van and head to Nafplion to spend the night or return to Athens for departure. 

Optional: a Relaxing hotspot of the day; Nafplion

Finish up your mythological quest for the day with a visit to the nearby city of Nafplion! Enjoy a mouthwatering Greek lunch or stop for a refreshing gelato – the best in the town - that your kids will surely love. Let your guide show you around the most romantic city of Greece and take you to its must-see highlights. The whole family will enjoy a leisurely stroll through the old alleyways and explore every hidden corner of this beautiful city.

This is where this magnificent mythological quest will end! Filled with fun family adventures, you will make your way back to Athens.

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Our preferred hotels

These are our top accommodation options for this trip. We only feature particular hand-picked hotels, which our team has carefully inspected. These hotels have received great feedback from our previous guests.

images/accommodationimages/athens-capital-gallery.jpg Athens Capital Center Hotel

Athens Capital Center Hotel is a 5-star hotel in downtown Athens that offers unmatched services in an idyllic setting of opulence and glamor. 

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images/galleries/Electra-Metropolis/electra-metropolis-1.jpg Electra Metropolis

Electra Metropolis is a 5-star hotel that offers luxurious facilities and services along with a convenient central location that will give you an authentic Athens experience.

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images/accommodationimages/ergon-house-athens.jpg Ergon House Athens

Ergon House Athens is a luxury foodie hotel that will make your stay in the historic city a deliciously rich experience.

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images/galleries/new-hotel/new-hotel-9.jpg New Hotel

New Hotel is a 5-star accommodation choice in Athens that provides its guest with the most opulent stay and a central location that is both convenient and beautiful. 

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Our tailor-made trips start from EUR 330 per person per night

  • Guided tours in the Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Delphi
  • Services of excellent family guides and Percy fans
  • All the transfers with luxury vehicles
  • All applicable taxes and VAT
  • Accommodation (can be arranged)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • International flights
  • Anything not mentioned in the itinerary

Disclaimer: The Percy Jackson tour to Greece and its promotion are not sponsored by Rick Riordan or Disney*Hyperion and they specifically disclaim any legal obligations or responsibilities for the tour.



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